Deliver unmatched quality of products with excellent service and dedication.


Realizing the full potential of the decorative industry. Provide easy access for everyone to the finest qualities of products throughout the Nation and abroad.

A chandelier balances the scale and proportion of a room and instantly creates that wow factor," We help you to  generate a ‘wow’ effect and leave an impression in your room or a hall. The best way to select the style is by looking for drama and artistic intent.


About Attri Lights & Steel

Attri lights & steel is an  establishment under the enterprising of Rank Furnishers & Interiors.
We are the leading company dealing in the decorative lighting and steel industry in India. Other than our vast variety of standard products, we specialise in customizing  as per the demands of our customer.
We deal with premium lighting systems for domestic and commercial spaces, chandeliers, table lamps, wall lamps, steel utensils, pendants and other decoratives.
We have started the setup from Faridabad, Haryana and set to supply across India from our Warehouses in Delhi.
The website offers easy product views enabling our customers to zoom, interactively rotate and intricately view all our decorative lights from the comfort of their home or office.


The workshop we have for Attri Lights and Steel is the core of the brand. Dedicated artisans are contributing towards creating inspirations throughout. Fashioning glass and crystal perfectly has always been our skill on the main.  Every component in the product is the result of top-notch, exceptional manufacturing and dexterous hard work. Exceptional quality is reflected in our custom lighting fixtures making all the difference, offering many different ways of merging light sources to suit any space beyond imagination


The specifications are drafted and created in 3D designs by the architects. The artisans  customized and once the designer or the client approve for the design specifications.


The Production is an integral part of modeling designs to reality.  The product undergoes different manufacturing levels, customization, quality control and  testing before we dispatch them for packaging.


We also provide customization and chandelier and decorative light installation services to clients across the country.